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Seller Profile

Seller can claims free Profile Page to promote your Products and services, identify potential customers, and collect reviews. As a seller, you can take control of how your brand is represented on our Marketplace and gain valuable insight about the companies that are researching to you and your competitors.

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Review Collection

TechBag Review Collection Process enable Seller with Authentic, Impactful and Verified reviews about their software and Services.

Our Review collection is best way to create trust with Software Buyers. All customer reviews submitted goes through proper authentication process and verified internally before it is published on the portal.

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Content creation

Customers trust other people, not brands. When customer are researching for a new product or service online, they look to past customers’ opinions for advice. By collecting and showcasing online customer reviews, you give buyer valuable insight from past buyers, which can often be the driving factor in motivating them to make a purchase.

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Competitive Insights

Getting an edge over your competitors is important, and it is possible only when you truly and deeply understand the competition. Which brings us to one of the best ways of gaining new insights for your company, through TechBag Seller Program, seller get Important, authentic timely data about your Software, Buyers and competition.

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Customer Intent Data

With Intent data from our TechBag Review platform, seller gets access to information about companies exploring your Products and Competition. Intent data provides comprehensive report to your prospect’s interests, so you can strategies’ how and when you engage.

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TechBag helps SaaS Vendors from all around the world to setup distribution in India. From Brand building to Lead Generation, we got you covered.

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